The Laurissilva Forest

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This is the most extensive and well preserved Laurissilva Forest in the world where natural species of universal value inhabit. It is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage and is very well kept in the also amazing Madeira Island. 

It was in the company of these numerous trees that the Island Discoverers named it as “Madeira” (wood). This was in 1419, when the Portuguese navigators first stepped on the Island. 
A rare forest, practically disappeared in other parts of the world, it is in Madeira that the forest is still conserved intact since the tertiary period, hence, even before the era that saw the Human race appear. 
The trees and bushes never loose their leaf entirely and a luxuriant green covering the slopes and deep valleys of the Island’s interior. 
The water, quite abundant, is dominated in the “levadas”, ancient irrigation itineraries, built throughout the centuries in order to take advantage of this fertile soils with a difficult geography. These “levadas” are the best way to better know the amazing nature of Madeira and all its secrets and special places.

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