The Alentejo's Cuisine Route

Beja - Beja
Praça da República, 12Beja


Alentejo was once a big region of wheat. In the fields of cork oak and olive trees, large herds of pigs 
Were on the feed. Hence, bread, pork and olive oil are the base of one of the most tasteful cuisines in Portugal. 
Soup is the main dish, and may be cold as the “gaspacho”, yet the bread is mandatory in the cação (dogfish), bacalhau (codfish) or in the tomato with smoked sausage soups. And it is also in the “migas” (bread soups) that go along with pork, in the “ensopado de borrego” (lamb stew) or in the much appreciated “açorda” (bread panada). 

Taste these specialities on any restaurant in Estremoz, Évora or Beja, or a game dish, also quite frequent in the Alentejo cuisine, and you will certainly have a truly pleasure moment! 

Also, you must have a taste of the regional cheeses and the conventual sweets and desserts… In what cheeses are concerned, the most prestige ones are produced in Nisa, Serpa and Évora, along with the much appreciated wines of Borba, Redondo, Reguengos or Vidigueira. 
There were lots of convents around Alentejo, and the nun’s labour presented delicious savouries, based mainly on eggs, sugar and almonds. 

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