The Alentejo’s Dams Route

Alentejo - Odemira
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Essential for the development of the soils irrigation and populations supply, the Dams constitute also privileged places to enjoy nature, for flora and fauna observation or for the practice of nautical sports. 

With Alqueva Dam, Alentejo region got the biggest artificial lake in Europe, but also many other Dams in Alentejo are idyllic sceneries for some peaceful holidays. 

You might as well observe wild ducks and other aquatic birds in the Caia or Roxo Dams, or forget the world in Maranhão Dam and feel the isolation sensation that the surrounding mounts confer, with pine trees and eucalyptus keeping you company. 

You might take a swim in the Odivelas or in the Tapada Grande Fluvial Beaches, take a boat trip in the Alvito Dam, have a picnic in Pêgo do Altar or fishing calmly in the extensive lake of Santa Clara, or just listen to the bird songs in Vale do Gaio Dam. 
For cannoning or sport fishing, the Alentejo’s lakes allow wonderful conditions for nautical sports. Montargil is wonderful for windsurf or aquatic ski. Divor, Vigia and Montenovo, in Évora environs, also provide a time well spent. 
Let yourself get captivated by rural tourism and have a rest, appreciating the simple life pleasures of the Country side and contemplating nature in all its wonder on the small paradises that are the Alentejo’s Dams. 

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