The Birch Route

São Pedro do Sul - São Pedro do Sul
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Climbing up the slope, we head towards the where the Escuro Streamlet , turning right into the path that takes us to the Candal locality, which used to drive people to the Chãs Mines, when wolfram was extracted from these soils. 

During the descend, we come across an amazing landscape: mounts and valleys, on the right side, the locality of Candal and on the left side the Póvoa das Leiras locality with its greenish granite ledges on the charming slopes. 

We traverse the Candal small village, on its most ancient part, and follow to the Póvoa das Leiras small village, with its typical “espigueiros” (small rural granaries), passing through the Paivô Streamlet. 

A surprising itinerary, come and let yourself get amazed. 

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