Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Centre

Ilha do Faial - Horta
Vulcão dos CapelinhosIlha do Faial Phone: 292 202 000


This new Faial Island’s infrastructure, is composed of several rooms where visitors may get scientific information about the phenomenon, and are available exhibitions related with volcanism, with enhancement for those that present several types of rocks and of materials gathered in eruptions. 

The Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Centre has much of its structure buried: at the entrance one can find an inverted cone that symbolises the eruption that took place 50 years ago. Around it is a vaulted room, and afterwards a temporary exhibition room. 

Another highlight of the Centre is the Virtual Reality Room where it is possible to watch to the Capelinhos eruption, and also the multimedia rooms, and an auditorium with the capacity for 60 people. 
From the ancient Lighthouse one can admire all the surroundings created by this volcano that, 50 years ago, changed the social and cultural life of all Faial inhabitants. 

In this Centre much can be seen. From three-dimensional movies, interactive and artistic models, informative panels, computers that explain the formation of the volcanoes and the evolution of the Archipelago. 

A powerful time machine that transports us from the past to the present, in an accessible way, so that we more easily see the existence. 

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