Coimbra’s Botanical Garden

Coimbra - Coimbra
Calçada Martim de FreitasCoimbra Phone: 239 855 215
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To visit a botanical garden is like walking throughout the planet without leaving town. The plant’s collections that fill every space transport us to different latitudes and world’s regions, transforming the Garden into a live museum. 
The botanical gardens emerged in Europe as a consequence of the European Expansion of the 15th century. The contact with exotic plants and animals awakened the interest for its study. As an example of that was the Portuguese Garcia da Orta that in the 16th century travelled to India and dedicated himself to the study of the therapeutic properties of the plants, publishing two important essays. 
The Coimbra’s Botanical Garden promotes several programs of environmental and cultural education, touching the citizens for issues in environmental thematic and to the adoption of civic behaviours. 
This Garden is also a space of peace of mind, filled with delightful nooks that invite for pleasant walks. 

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