On the Iberian Wolf Burrow

Mafra, Gradil - Mafra
Rua do Emigrante - Edifício Atlântico IIMafra, Gradil Phone: 917 532 312
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A tour through mounts and valleys of the ‘saloia’ region, visiting the Iberian Wolf Recuperation Centre, where one can observe some of the few Iberian wolfs that still live in Portugal. 

The Centre is situated on an isolated and arboreous valley where wolfs, that were not able to survive on the wild, live in big dimensions wards. 

Come discover these wonderful animals, quite difficult to observe, and understand why are they endangered of extinction. 

This pedestrian tour takes about 3 hours and has an extension of 5,3 km with a medium difficulty. 

The tour takes place every day of the year, after advanced request. 

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Mafra, Gradil


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