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With a high charge of esthetics, description and history, the ceramic tile constitutes one of the most original artistic productions of the Portuguese culture. Through ceramic tiles we can understand the tastes and ideas of an era. Beyond the beauty that it emanates, the tile is more of an illustrated book that takes us into a journey in time. This tradition is still very present in our country, there are still many artists that make ceramic tiles in the old ways using the same techniques used since the XVIII century.
The Azulejos de Azeitão shop ensures the preservation of this patrimony, making ceramic tiles by hand, reproducing old drawings not only European but also Islamic an Chinese. They also produce tiles made out of different coloured enamels.

This activity is composed of three distinct phases where the participants will get to know the process of making ceramic tiles up its painting always using the traditional methods.
We start off with the making of the tile, you’ll get to understand and see the techniques behind the two tile making processes at the Azulejos de Azeitão workshop: Majolica (plane tile) and Edges (Mouriscos).
The stage is then followed with an explanation of the drying and cooking processes. Participants will create tiles using both techniques.
The second phase consists in the glazing of the tile through the Majolica technique, once again participants will have the chance to glaze their tile.
Finally we move on the painting phase, participants will paint their tiles applying the Majolica technique.

More information: www.morus-rubra.pt

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