Paragliding in Estrela Mountain Range

Covilhã - Covilhã
Serra da EstrelaCovilhã


Walk in the clouds of a paragliding adventure in the skies of the Estrela Mountain. 
The sensation of free flight is nowadays available for everybody, at least for those who are more brace, on a weekend in Linhares da Beira, a charming small village in the heart of the amazing Estrela Mountain. 

In summer or winter time, this mountain side small village, also known as the “paragliding cathedral”, delights those who arrive, enchanting with its granite rural houses in narrow typical streets. 

Start your adventure flying over the Estrela Mountain range high altitudes and appreciate a place of rare landscape beauty, with breathtaking panoramas showing off the power of nature. 

The Open Serra da Estrela takes place every September. You are invited to live intensively the silence of the heights and the liberty to fly in one of the simplest ways in the world. 

actualizado 24/05/2017




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