Estates and Gardens in Madeira

Madeira - Funchal
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Preserved until nowadays, the Island offers its many visitors a stay in paradise. 

Throughout this amazing Island one can find parks and gardens very well maintained, with its exotic flowers and perfect spots for leisure and relaxation, or simple nature contemplation. Among these places there are highlights such as the Botanical Garden, in Bom sucesso Estate, and the Orquídea Garden, or even the Santa Catarina Park and the Municipal Garden, right in the lovely Funchal historical centre. 

Madeira also shows off a notable global green area, as for the diversity and quantity of the green areas, as also for its flora richness. 

Also deserving a visit, the Monte Palace Estate, or the Palheiro Ferreiro Estate, quite pleasant places to spend some hours. Let yourself get astonished by a landscape simultaneously wild and smooth, among high mountains and deep valleys, filled with a multiplicity of flowers, trees and plants. 




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