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Cowbells or those small look alike bells that are placed on animals are used to indicate where the animals are. Did you know that such type of artisanal bells are still produced in Portugal? Well yes, Mr. António Augusto Sim Sim still continues on with his family legacy of bell making which he learned from his dad and grand-father. He continues nowadays the practice and occupation of bell maker. Come discover the secrets of this art on the brink of extension.

The day starts off at the local bell factory in the centre of the historic zone of Estremoz where our artisan practices his art. From the anvil where our artisan shapes the bells, to covering in mud so that they are welded in the oven up to the final product, there is a huge set of secrets to be discovered behind this art.
Mr. António Augusto Sim Sim, heir to the family tradition of animal bell making, is waiting for you to share many and unique stories of a whole life dedicated to this sacred art.

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