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Holidays for two. To walk hand in hand by the seaside, making love promises; to dine at the moonlight in a restaurant over the beach, is an irresistible suggestion for those in love. 

And because dating is a good pleasant thing, take a week off to discover the small beaches in the Sintra coastline, at only half an hour by car from Lisboa city centre. 

Located in amazing landscapes, with rocky inlets in charming hidden corners, small thin sandy beaches appear, such as Ursa, Azenhas do Mar or Magoito, conjugating a perfect match of the best mountain side and beach ambiance. 

Take the tram tour that links Sintra to Praia das Maçãs, and have a lunch in the Adraga Beach restaurant, where you will get amazed with the fresh sea and shell food. In the afternoon, get to know the small fishermen villages in the environs, walking through narrow streets and colourful houses. 

Get the chance to know better the amazing Sintra, where you can take a cart trip through the village’s historical centre, or take a walk in the amazing gardens and parks of Monserrate and Pena. 

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