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Way up in the Serra de S. Mamede, 600m above the sea level, is the vineyard where the “Casa do Alegrete” wine is produced. It’s 60 hectares of vineyard in the mount Monte das Cortês, a terrain predominantly of schist in the slopes of the mount which won in 2003 a new life. This is the challenge we propose to you. Come discover why João Torres Pereira and his family fell in love with the vines and the Alentejo.

At the Monte das Cortês, you will have the chance to participant in the typical activities that surround the cropping of vines of the season. Starting from November to February you get involved in the pruning of the vines. From April until July, participate in the cleansing of the vines trunks (removal of small leafs). And last but not least, at the culmination of a full year of hard labour, enjoy the harvest from late August until September.
Delight yourself with a wine tasting of the “Casa de Alegrete” while listening to the stories of the vineyard and family. Finish with a walk to the water dam and have fun feeding the chicken and gathering their eggs.
A fun and lovely day in the camp!

More information: www.morus-rubra.pt

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