A Budist Garden

Bombarral - Bombarral
Quinta dos LoridosBombarral Phone: 262 605 240


On a estate with 75 hectares (acquired in 1989 by the Madeira’s collector), the Oriental Garden has been built on an area previously occupied by a centenary forest, next to a lake and to a green area, over the indications of Joe Berardo and his son Renato. 

Once arrived to Loridos Estate, the visitors first see part of the three pagodas, one of them constituted by 31 pieces, strategically placed on a hill. 
The idea is to create a spiritual relaxing place, hence it is important to have varied images of budism, some related to Tibet, others with India or even Vietnam. 
This peaceful Garden might be seen on every epoch of the year, by any religion and faith… 




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