Discovering the amazing Ria de Aveiro

Aveiro - Aveiro


Aveiro has everything to entertain you, starting by a beautiful boat trip along the 47km of canals in the Ria. 
On any season, but specially during summer time, these waters get transformed into a touristic attraction, a celebration of light and colour with its highlight during the Moliceiros Boats Regatta. 

Either in the famous traditional embarkations or in other ones, to go across the Ria de Aveiro is an enriching experience. Among the town canals, where the houses and embarkations almost touch each other, we pass through panoramas of great beauty where the landscape inspires serenity and calls to nature contemplation. 

With about 45km long and a length up to 11km, The Ria de Aveiro is quite shallow and has several watercourses that flow into it: the River Vouga, Antuã, Boco and Fontão. It is separated from the sea by a long line of sandy dunes, of varying width, interrupted only by an artificial bar built in the 19th century. 
The Salt evaporation ponds mark the landscape and occupy around 50.000 hectares. 

All together, the Ria promotes an unique beauty, with refreshing colours and tones, varying from silver and gold, blue, violet, orange, and light routes that invite in the most pleasant dream. 

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