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The calm and peaceful small village of Alandroal is situated at about 341 meters high, in the vast Alentejo region.

The human presence in the region dates back in time to very ancient times, as it is visible in the many megalithic monuments throughout the area, like the Castelo Velho hill fort, the Pedra Alçada Menhir, the Rocha da Mina Rupestrian Sanctuary or even the Roman Villae of Castelinhos.

Its narrow winding streets with small picturesque white houses developed around the Castle, dominated by the big Watchtower and housing inside its walls the lovely Mother Church from the 16th century.
Outside the walls many other monuments show the charm of the village, like the lovely Fountain from the 17th and 18th centuries, the Pillory, the Misericórdia Church and all the typical relaxed ambiance, so typical of this region.

Village of strong traditions and costumes, Alandroal keeps on its handmade products the knowledge and techniques of other times, with regional products, like cork, wood, horn, leather and wool.

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