Almada is situated in the right bank of the river Tagus, with a superb view over Lisboa city centre, as one can confirm in the Boca do Vento Viewpoint and in the Cristo-Rei Viewpoint. Almada is also the 9th most populated city in the country.

The proximity with the magnificent river Tagus constituted a decisive facet for the population fixation, since remote periods of pre-history.

The Moorish influence is quite strong in Almada, providing in those days a great agricultural, fishing and military development.

In the end of the 19th century, Almada suffers a big industrialization, and all the landscape changes, with new factories and Workmen residences and quarters., leading to a service and commerce development as well.

In the 20th century, Almada suffers a bigger industrialization and a huge demographic explosion, mainly in the 60’s, marked by the inauguration of the 25th April Bridge that links Almada to Lisboa and by the Naval Shipyard of Lisnave, changing forever the ambience of other centuries, when Almada was a place of election of Nobles during summer time, although some of this buildings can still be found in the city.

Nowadays Almada still has some residential and economical growth, and is quite famous for its Cultural activities, like the prestige Theatre Festival.

The main attraction in the Almada Municipality are its crowded beaches, in an extension of 13km of golden sand, with an average of 8 million visitors per year.

Yet Almada has much more to know, starting by its charming historical centre, known as “Almada Velha” (“Old Almada”), where narrow streets filled with histories, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are frequented by young people every night.
The baroque Casa da Cerca and its Contemporary Art Centre and botanical garden are charming places worth to be known, as well as the Zagalos Manor house with a rich heritage. The vestiges of the Almada Castle attest this ancient history, and all the big and cherished green areas show the concern with the environment and with an healthy lifestyle, like the Parque da Paz, the Mata dos Medos, the Capuchos Garden or the riverside area and the lovely Jardim do Rio.

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