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The Almodôvar village is located in the Baixo Alentejo region, in between the lovely Caldeirão Mountain and the golden plain grounds typical of the alentejo, marking the trasition between the Alentejo and the Algarve regions.

Almodôvar region still presents an agricultural feature, producing quality cork, honey, goat cheese and wild “medronho” (Strawberry Tree fruit) liquor.

Almodôvar is a very typical Alentejo’s village, peaceful, historical and traditional, marked by the region’s tranquillity.

The Mother Church, from the 18th century, is the most majestic monument in the village, with tuscan columns, rich lateral altars and a sumptuous main altar, ordered by king John the 5th.

In Almodôvar exhisted the first kind of Theological University, in the lovely 17th century São Francisco Convent.

Almodôvar preserves its culture and traditions, hence it was created the interesting Southwest Writing Museum of Almodôvar, and every year since 1996 takes place the FACAL, a Fair of Arts and Culture.
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