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Alpiarça is situated in the centre of Portugal, in the Ribatejo region, on the left bank of the river Tagus, presenting several human occupation vestiges since remote times, as it is visible in the archaeological station in Vale do Forno, with several Palaeolithic period vestiges. Many other archaeological stations are present in the region, such as the Alto do Castelo, the Bareiro do Tojal, the Vale da Caqueira, the Quinta do Outeiro, the Vale da Atela, the Barreira da Gouxa or the Vale dos Extremos. Some Roman vestiges were also discovered in the area: supposedly in Alpiarça one of the most important Roman roads passed through right up to Mérida, one of the most important Roman centre in the Iberian Peninsula.

Alpiarça is a quite charming town, with some interesting monuments like the Patudos House-Museum, one of the most important municipal museum in Portugal, the 19th century Alpiarça Church, the river beach of Aldeia do Patacão that once was a small fishermen village built in wood, the Sorraia Horse Natural Reserve and several commemorative monuments all through the village, showing off parts of its history and inheritance.

The Gastronomy of the Alpiarça region is typical of the Ribatejo area, and here one can find a good Restaurant offer with regional dishes, based on roasted goat kid, bread-based dishes like “migas” and a great sweet tradition, based mainly on sugar, eggs and dried fruits and nuts.

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