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Arraiolos is widely known for its ancient tapestry that has been able to pass through time and flourish in an important industry in this village.
Situated in the peaceful Alentejo region, Arraiolos has vestiges of ancient human occupation since immemorial times, probably since the Neolithic or even the Chalcolithic period, and already on the 4th century b.C Arraiolos was already important in the region.
This territory was therefore occupied by several ethnicities that marked it in the most distinctive ways, providing an important and wealthy history in this region.
The landscape is quite representative of the Alentejo region, where peace of mind and serenity reigns. From the top of the Castle there is a great panorama over the white houses that climb the small hill and the superb surrounding nature. In the top of the Castle’s hill one can also find the huge Salvador Church, an interesting 16th century construction, surrounded by the town walls.
Downtown, the Misericódia Church and the Chafariz dos Almocreves Rural Fountain are important monuments of this village, located right in the beautiful centre that has suffered recently lovely restoration and maintenance works.
Close to Arraiolos is located the lovely Santana do Campo, a village mostly built over ancient Roman Ruins, where it is still possible to visit the Roman Temple and the archaeological station.
However, the most important “monument” in Arraiolos is its tapestry industry, maintained by generations of embroiders who preserved till our times. Probably this art was born back on the 12th century with the Moors and got its gracious times during the 18th century with the flowers-based motifs. Nowadays there are several distinctive patterns, but the classical and ancient ones are still maintained.
The Gastronomy of the region is also quite appreciated, and traditional from the Alentejo region, with several recipes containing Pork, Lamb, Veal meat, Soups and several bread-olive oil-garlic based dishes, such as “açorda” or “migas”. The wines of Alentejo region are also quite appreciated and famous all around the world.
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