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Boticas is a pleasant mountain side village, situated in the arid Barroso Mountain Range, in the Northern East part of the country, in a region previously named as “Trás-os-Montes” (literally meaning “Behind the Hills”).

This is a region of ancient human occupancy, with several archaeological vestiges attesting this ancestral origins, like the Lesenho Hill Fort, considered to be the most important Lusitanian Hill Fort in the Country, or also the Gorda Hill Fort, in Ardãos.

This peaceful rural village with astonishing bucolic sceneries cherishes its traditions and heritage, with important places like the Thermal Complex of Carvalhelhos, also known as Caldas Santas de Carvalhelhos with therapeutic waters perfect for the treatment of skin diseases, problems with the circulatory and digestive system.
It is worth to know the Parish Church dated from the 19th century and the impressive “Warrior”, a sculpted monolith anthropomorphic, one of the four found in the Lesenho Castro, representing a Warrior from the Late Bronze Age.

Boticas is famous for its Gastronomy, mainly for the tasteful meat “Barrosã” , but also for the renowned Wine, known as “Wine of the Dead”. The wine got this curious name during the French Invasion period, back in 1809. It is said the the population, scared with the destruction and robbery the troops were known for making, decided to bury some of their goods, among it the much appreciated wine. After the enemy troops retreat, the Boticas people realized that the buried wine was even more tasty, and still nowadays the wine is usualy buried for fermentation for about one or two years.

The several water courses present in the region combine idyllic sceneries eith perfect conditions for the practice of the most diverse leisure, sport and tourist activities.

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