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Cadaval is a lovely rural village, situated in the central region of the country, next to the charming Montejunto mountain, from where one has an astonishing panorama.

This is a rural region, surrounded by vineyards fields, with good accesses that have been developed in the past decades.

The vestiges of human occupancy in the region date back from pre-historical times, as one can observe in the Pragança Grottoes, inhabited during the Neolithic Period.
Cadaval was later inhabited and quite influenced by Romans and Moors that left here much of their vast agricultural knowledge.

The region has maintained throughout the centuries it bucolical rural environment, being very famous for its wine and top quality fruit, due to the fertility of the soils exploited with ancient techniques allied to modern equipment.
In Cadaval surroundings there are several small villages that seem lost in time, filled with quietness and tranquillity and one can breathe the fresh air of the Montejunto Mountain.

Cadaval is proud of its interesting heritage, with highlights like the Mother Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição from the 19th century or the Nossa Senhora do Desterro Church, or even the nearby Chapels of Nossa Senhora das Neves (13th century) and of São João Baptista, from where one has an astonishing panorama.
Nearby is situated the ruins of the Royal Ice Factory (“Real Fábrica do Gelo”) where in the 18th century the ice was collected in deep valleys, stored in tanks, and then taken to Lisbon to supply the Court and the cafés.

The Municipal Museum of Cadaval is also quite interesting, with an archaeological and ethnographic collection.

Throughout the region there are several mills of diversified types and sizes, attesting the importance of agriculture and the culture of cereals in the region, manifested in the Museum Nucleolus of the Castanholas Mills.

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