Calheta ( Ilha São Jorge )

Ilha de São Jorge

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Calheta ( Ilha São Jorge )

The lovely Calheta village is located on the southern coast of the wonderful São Jorge Island, on the Azores Archipelago.

Founded in 1483, Calheta developed mainly due to its Maritime Port, quite close to the neighbour Terceira Island, facilitating communication and trading with the entire Archipelago.

The village charms with its lovely white houses, its dark volcanic soils and rocks, towering above the vast Atlantic Ocean, maintaining all over the years ots beauty and peace of mind, on a rural traditional ambiance, that has survived the many storms and catastrophes of the Island, such as the 1757 earthquake or the tsunami in 1945.

Calheta is proud of its 18th century Mother Church, rich in golden carved wood, of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Fraternity, of the 18th century Santo António Church, of the Divine Holy Spirit Empire, of the typical building of the Town Hall, or even the interesting São Jorge Museum, installed on a lovelt 19th century building, dedicated to the history and ethnography of the lovely São Jorge Island.

Places such as the Largo do Cais, or the Francisco de Lacerda Garden, proportionate wonderful leisure moments, enriching this lovely Calheta village.

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