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Cartaxo is a lovely Ribatejo’s house, situated in the Central region of the Country, in an area of fertile soils, quite famous for its Red Wine that here is produced.

The Cartaxo settlement has quite ancient origins, prior to the Portuguese Nationality. This was always an area of passage to the countryside of Portugal, both by the river Tagus as by road.

The town of Cartaxo is characterized by its rural houses that now line among modern buildings, with an interesting heritage, with monuments such as the São João Baptista Mother Church dated of 1522, the 16th century Senhor dos Passos Chapel, where the Junot troops were barracked in 1808, during the French Invasions, also the Senhor dos Aflitos Cross shaped Pillory classified as National Monument, as well as the Bullrign, dated from 1874, one of the greatest proud and passion of the town that loves the Bullfights.

Another highlight of Cartaxo is the Quinta das Pratas Cultural and Sport Complex, housing the municipal swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball and football courts, children’s park and a meeting room.

It also houses the Ecological-Rural and Wine Museum, with several nucleus and itineraries that allow the knowledge of the Ribatejo rural lifestyle and ethnography.

Cartaxo also provides the “Wine Route”, with several visits to farms, wine producers and cellars of the region.

Every November takes place the “Feira dos Santos” (“Saints Fair”), one of the most famous and ancient fairs in the region (with origins in the 17th century) and in May takes place the much famous Wine Festival.

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