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Castelo de Vide

Castelo de Vide is a charming Alentejo village, located in a hill in the São Mamede Mountain range, in a place blessed by nature.
The pituresque white houses come up and down the hill, with the Castle at the top, where centuries of history have left its legacy.
This is a region of ancient human occupation and several megalithic monuments were discovered, like the interesting Meada Menhir.

Castelo de Vide has a luxuriant vegetation, it is considered to be the most Romantic town of the Alentejo, a region that is known for its plain dry terrains.

There are several highlights in this beautiful town, like the gorgeous high Castle providing wonderful panoramas all around, but also other spots like the Jewish old quarter, one of the most important and well preserved examples of the Jewish presence in Portugal, dating back from the 13th century, and housing as well one of the biggest gothic civil architectural sets.
In the magnificent D. Pedro V Square is located the lovely São João Baptista Church, the Hospital, the Matriz Church and the Town Hall, surrounded by some elegant manor houses.

In front of Castelo de Vide is located the hill where the lovely Nossa Senhora da Penha Chapel is situated, providing a wonderful landscape over the village and the surrounding natural panorama.

Castelo de Vide is a quite traditional Village, that cherish its own costumes and festivities, that are intensively lived by the local inhabitants, like during Easter time and Carnival.
The Gastronomy is also very rich and traditional, with typical Alentejo dishes like the “Sarapatel” (elaborated with lamb’s or goat-kid’s offal), or many bread based dishes, usually cooked with olive oil and garlic, like the “Ensopado”, the “Migas” or the “Açorda”. Different types of sausages and smoked ham are also quite typical, and many liquors are produced with the fruits of the region.

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