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Castro Verde

Castro Verde is a beautiful historic village situated in the vast Alentejo region, in an area named as “white field”, next to the lovely Caldeirão Mountain.

The village has maintained its rural peaceful environment throughout the centuries, with the landscape marked by its cultivated fields, and ancient mineral explorations that also helped to populate the region.

Castro Verde has been inhabited by men since remote periods, marked by the presence of communities that found in the mineral exploration and in the pastoralism their main activities. Many vestiges can be found in the region like the famous Espanca script, the only complete signary known of the Paleohispanic scripts, made over a piece of slate with Phoenician signs, the most ancient known in Europe, and also the Mondel Castle or even the Castro Verde Hill Fort, probably inhabited during Iron Age.
The Roman occupancy was quite important in the region, as one can observe in Santa Bárbara de Padrões and in the many vestiges of Roman Villas throughout the region.

It was next to Castro Verde that happened the final part of the Ourique Battle, when D. Afonso Henriques commanding the Christian was proclaimed the First King of Portugal, after defeating five Moorish Kings, and the Portuguese Nationality was founded.

Castro Verde presents an interesting religious strength, with monuments such as the 16th century Royal Basilica also known as Mother Church, the Chagas do Salvador Church (17th century), the Misericórdia Chapel and the many temples that can be found on the village’s environs.

Also quite interesting is the Lucerna Museum, with an important Roman collection, or the Environmental Educational Centre of Vale Gonçalinho, dedicated to the local avifauna.

Every October takes place the renowned Castro Fair, with medieval origins, attracting many visitors.

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