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Celorico da Beira

Situated in the foot of the Serra da Estrela Mountain range, at about 550 metres high, next to the beautiful Mondego river, Celorico da Beira is an historical Village from the Beira Alta region, mainly rural.
The region is rich in ancient human occupation vestiges, however they are not very clear in what concerns to dates. Nevertheless it is known that some Roman roads passed through Celorico da Beira, probably built between the 1st b.C and the 4th a.C century.
Celorico da Beira had an important role in the defense from Spanish and Moorish attacks during the Middle Age. Due to its strategic and defensive importance, Celorico da Beira was often disputed by Spanish and Portuguese, and used to form an important defensive triangle both with Trancoso and Linhares.
The Castle is testimony of those times, in its Romanesque-Gothic style, but all the historical centre breaths this medieval environment, with its granite houses and gothic doors, Manueline windows and gargoyles coming off the walls.
Celorico da Beira is known as the “Serra da Estrela Cheese Capital”, as this soils are perfect for the production of the ingredients that form this delicious cheese. In 1287 the kind D. Dinis had already founded the first Cheese Market in Celorico da Beira, that nowadays takes place every Tuesday from December to May.

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