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Chamusca is a lovely small town in the heart of the country, in the Ribatejo region, with a strong influence from the wide Tagus River. The history of this village is unmistakable with the river, to its communication and production, as one can confirm in the Senhora do Pranto and Senhor do Bonfim Viewpoints, particularly during the time when the river floods all the surrounding plain terrains, providing delightful sights.

Chamusca possesses charming white houses, combining rural small houses with noble and manor spacious houses, graciously coming down the hill.
Several monuments and heritage enhance the charm of Chamusca, like the São Brás Matriz Church, the oldest church in the town, dating from the 16th century, and the Misericórdia Church from the 17th century, or the São Francisco and São Pedro Churches (17th century), or the Nossa Senhora do Pranto (18th century) and Senhor do Bonfim Chapels.
The Municipal Garden is also quite pleasant for a relaxed walk, opened to all visitors.
Around town there are several interesting highlights, like the picturesque small village of Arripiado, nearby the amazing Almourol Viewpoint with a pleasant cafeteria and esplanade, and a sculpture of a famous Portuguese artist: João Cutileiro. Other highlights nearby Chamusca are the gorgeous Casa da Forca, in Ulme, former headquarters of the borough, the Santa Maria Church in Pinheiro Grande, or the Quinta dos Arneiros and its viewpoint, along with the Roman Archaeological Vestiges in Vale dos Cavalos.

The traditional ethnography of this Ribatejo region is quite famous and appreciated throughout the country, and quite cherished in Chamusca. Every year the traditional festivities bring together hundreds of people, like the Ascensão Fair, the lovely Fogaréus procession, and the Bulls Festivities, in the bullring, or Chamusca Arena.

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