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According to archaeological researches, the Conimbriga region has been occupied by Men since, at the very least, the Iron Age up until the 7th century, with the Roman domination as from the second half of the 1st century b.C..

Probably with Celt origins, the town of Conimbriga suffered several alterations during the Roman domination, with the construction of several buildings such as the Baths or the Forum, acquiring an high importance.

The decay of the Roman Empire and the Barbarian Invasions of the Iberian Peninsula that assaulted the town around the year 460, dictated the progressive abandonment of Conímbriga. Its population searched for refuge in places with better defensive systems.

The richness of the many found mosaics, the water distribution systems, the thermal spas, the Forum vestiges and a large number of artefacts in exhibition in the Conímbriga Monographic Museum surely justify a visit to this ancient Roman town.
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