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Situated on the Estrela Mountain range, with 700 meters high, Covilhã is the most important urban centre of the Estrela mountain.
With a long and rich history, with vestiges of human occupancy since pre-historical times, Covilhã has on its textile industrial sector one if its main references. This industry began in this region in the beginning of the Middle age, was developed by the jew community and in 1763 had its boom with the foundation of the “Real Fábrica de Panos” (a Royal Textile Factory), becoming the greatest production centre in Portugal.
There are several highlights throughout Covilhã region, such as its beautiful Historical Centre, and places like the old Jewish quarter with its narrow streets and profused decorated Manueline-style windows, the São Martinho and the Santa Cruz Chapel or the Museu dos Lanifícios (Textile Museum), located in the ancient Factory where nowadays is settled the region’s important University. Parks and gardens, manor houses and several Churches show the importance and wealth of Covilhã, that is also a quite dynamic town, with several fairs and markets, shops and services.
The Gastronomy of this region is delicious and very famous throughout Portugal, specially the well-know Serra goat Cheese, or the sausages and smoked-ham, the lamb dishes or the grilled trout, among many other region’s specialities such as the Estrela Honey.
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