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Ferreira do Zêzere

Ferreira do Zêzere is a charming village, situated in the Central region of Portugal, laid across the wonderful Zêzere river, in a place blessed by nature.

The village is located in a wonderful transition zone between the fertile plain terrains of the Ribatejo province and the pine tree forests and mountain ranges of the central region of Portugal, next to the great blue lagoon of the Castelo de Bode Dam.

The region has been occupied by men since early times, as one can attest by the Palaeolithic vestiges in the Avecasta cave. From the roman epoch there are also vestiges in São Pedro de Castro.
Back in 1159, the first Portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques donated the territory to the Templars Order that populated and protected the region during some centuries.

The region has an interesting heritage, like the lovely Ferreira do Zêzere Mother Church, or the São Pedro de Castro Chapel, or the interesting pentagonal watch tower built by the Templars and the Medieval Mother Church in Dornes, or the triangular windmill in Ave Casta, as well as several Manor houses present throughout the region.

Ferreira do Zêzere is proud of its ancient tradition in handicrafts, like the willow basketry, the tiny miniature fishing boat models, representing the ancient boats of the Zêzere river, and also the glazed tiles panels.

The Gastronomy has the river’s flavour, with several dishes prepared with the fresh river food, but also other recipes like roasted kid-goat with sprouts, or the blood sausages.

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