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The traditional Ribatejo’s village of Golegã is situated in a plain fertile area, the “lezíria”, in between two important rivers: Tejo and Almonda, in an area blessed by nature.
Several studies confirm the human presence in this area since pre-historical times, due to this fertile soil and the river facilities.

Golegã is considered to be the “capital of the horse” (Capital do Cavalo), and it has been the site for the gathering of several breeders since the 16th century. Every year, in the first weeks of November, coinciding with the Saint Martin’s Day (11th November) takes place the “Feira Nacional do Cavalo” (National Horse Fair), where thousands of horse lovers and many breeders gather to appreciate Portugal´s finest equestrian specimens. Also in this period is tasted the year’s new wine, being the specialities água-pé (literally meaning "foot-water") and roasted chestnuts.

Golegã also has lovely monuments like the Matriz Church from the 15th and 16th centuries, with a gorgeous Manueline Portal, or the Nossa Senhora dos Anjos Church and the Santo António lovely Chapel.
Region of noble farmers throughout the centuries, Golegã is proud of its great and ancient farms, many of them with important horse breeeds, like the Quinta da Cardiga, a huge farm near the river Tagus that once belonged to the Templars and to the Order of Christ. Also quite interesting is the Studio-House of Carlos Relvas or the modern art collection in the Painting and Sculpture Martins Correia Museum.

Nearby Golegã is situated the wetland Paúl do Boquilobo Natural Reserve, with an area of 539 hectares, housing the biggest colony of herons of the Iberian Peninsula .

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