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Gouveia is a beautiful mountain side village located in the Central region of the Cpuntry, on the western slope of the wide Estrela Mountain range, at about 700 meters high, from where one has an astonishing panorama over the Mondego river valley, and all the wonderful surrounding nature.

Gouveia region has been inhabited by men since remote epochs, with some pre-historical vestiges present throughout the municipality, like the Pedra da Orca Anta, in Rio Torto, dated from the end of the Neolithic Period.
There are also some vestiges of other civilizations, mainly vestiges of hill forts, Roman and Moorish influences. Gouveia was also a stage of fights among Christians and Moors, and was ruined when the king D. sancho I repopulated the town, back in 1186.

Gouveia is proud of its heritage, with several monuments, churches, manor houses, old quarters with traditional mountain side streets, and highlights like the 17th century Mother Church, next to the Torre Manor House with several Manueline elements, the São Pedro Church, or the interesting 18th century Misericórdia Church from the 18th century, the village’s Pillory, the São Lázaro Fountain dated from 1779 or the Serpa Pimentel 18th century Manor House.

Nature is one of the most important heritage in Gouveia, that possesses wonderful green areas with several leisure places, like the Zoological Park, as well as several viewpoints like the Calvário Mount with a 18th century Temple from where one has an astonishing panorama, just like in the Paixotão Viewpoint.
Another Gouveia’s highlight is the historical São Francisco Convent, nowadays a private property that would have been built by the Templars.

Gouveia also offers a very interesting Museum, the Municipal Museum Abel Manta, installed in a wonderful 18th century Manor House, with an important collection of the Gouveia’s natural born Abel Manta Artist, as well as a collection of works of other artists such as Vieira da Silva, Joaquim Rodrigo, Júlio Resende, Júlio Pomar, Menés, Paula Rego, among many others.

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