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Historical city with a early-medieval origin, Guimarães has its foundations on the 10th century and it is known as the “Nation’s Cradle” or “Cradle City” for its crucial role in the formation of Portugal as a country, where the first administrative centre was established, and for supposedly being the place where the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, was born.
The Guimarães historical centre is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO and it is one of the best preserved Medieval centers in the country, where time really seem to have stopped, filled with cafeterias and small shops, with an unique environment.
Nevertheless, plenty of other interesting sights are to be seen in this region, such as the Colina Sagrada, crowned with the Guimarães Castle; the majestic Duques de Bragança Palace, from the 15th century; the 14th century Padrão do Salado; the elegant São Francisco Church with marvelous 18th century glazed tiles; the Misericórdia and São Pedro Churches; the beautiful Cultural Centre Vila Flor Palace, or even the charming ancient Santa Marinha da Costa Monastery, dating from the 12th century, nowadays offering one of the prestige accommodations in the country, with its gardens and chapel opened to the public.
Not to miss is the Aerial tramway journey, in a 1,7 km extension, to get to the Nossa Senhora da Penha Sanctuary and Mountain Range, at about 400 meters, providing one of the most impressive panoramas in the North of Portugal.
Guimarães is an important Tourist Centre with a diversified Gastronomy with several restaurants and accommodation offer.

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