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Lamego is one of the most important urban centres in the Douro region. Quite before the foundation of the Portuguese nationality, the Lamego lands were already populated and constituted an important passage way for commercial trades.

It was here, in the Almacave Church, one of the greatest achitectonic jewells of the region, that the first Portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques, assembled the first royal reunions, when Portugal was born as an independent nation.
Lamego is quite known for its fertile soils that produce tasty cherries, apples and olives, yet it is the vineyards that dominate the landscape that have provided the main sustenance for centuries.

The religious architecture has in Lamego an unique expression, even because Lamego is one of the most ancient diocese in Portugal. The São Pedro de Balsemão Church, classified as a National Monument, is the second most ancient temple in the Iberian Peninsula. Some say it was built during the Visigoth domination of the territory, while other say it has origins in the 10th century.
The Lamego Cathedral was built before the Portuguese Nationality foundation, yet the building as we know it today dates from a construction from the 12th century.

The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary and its immense stairway, built in the 18th century, located in the top of the Santo Estevão Mount, honouring Our Lady of Remedies, are the Lamegos main highlights.
The stairway, which rises from the town’s centre up until the top of the Mount, is filled with sacred places and surprising nooks.
This is probably the greatest devotion symbol to Our Lady of Remedies.
In September Lamego lives intensively the celebration of the Procession to the Saint.

The Lamego region is filled with churches and chapels, pillories, historical small villages, medieval bridges and a large number of archaeological vestiges from the early times of the region human settlement.
The several visitors that look for Lamego can here find history, tradition and a strong cultural heritage, yet also diversified leisure and sport programs, due to the good natural conditions for the practice of the most diversified sport, extreme sport and fluvial conditions.

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