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Leiria is a lovely city situated in the centre of Portugal, by the river Lis and the river Lena.
The Leiria’s Castle is one of the most important monuments in the city, from where all the history was drew, being an important mark in the history of the country since its beginning, once this region has human occupancy vestiges since pre-historical times, due to its important and strategic location.
Leiria was also an important mark in the Portuguese Discoveries Age, due to its immense Pine tree forest, planted on the 13th century and maintained since then. From this big forest area several ships were built to discover half-world and other continents, giving to Portugal a colossal power from the 16th century onwards.
Worth the visit, in Leiria, are the Nossa Senhora da Encarnação Sanctuary, the Cathedral from the 16th century, the Misericórdia Church and the Jewish quarter (the church was built on the 16th century over the Synagogue ruins) or a pleasant walk through the “Old City” (Cidade Velha), the historical Leiria centre with its narrow streets and traditional shops and services, perfectly restored.
Close to Leiria are situated the Monte Real Spa, with quality medicinal waters and a strong accommodation offer, and also pleasant beaches such as Pedrogão or Vieira de Leiria, as well as a beautiful Pond located in the end of the Leiria’s Pine tree forest: the Ervideira Pond.

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