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Mação is a lovely village situated in the Central region of Portugal, in a pine tree forest area, in a quiet a peaceful place.

Throughout the region there are several pre-historic vestiges, including Antas like the one in Foz do Rio, as well as Palaeolithic period vestiges next to the Ribeira das Boas Eiras, or Rupestrian paintings nearby the Ribeira de Ocreza, as several hill forts like the Old Castle of Caratão, dated from the Bronze Age, or the São Miguel Hill Fort, dated from the Iron Age.
The Roman occupancy in the region also left some vestiges, namely several bridges, like the Ladeira one in Envendos, or the public baths in Ortiga, or even the archaeological station in Vale do Junco.
Mação still keeps its agricultural environment, and still nowadays one of its greatest production is honey.

It is worth visiting this charming village with white houses with colourful bands around the windows and doors, proud of its monuments, like the 16th century Mother Church, the Misericórdia and Nossa Senhora da Conceição (16th century) Churches, the 17th century Santo António Chapel, among others interesting buildings, like the Pillory.

Mação also offers therapeutic waters, like the mineral-medicinal waters in Fadagosa de Mação and the thermal complex of Ladeira Envendos, with a great stream named Águas Quentes (“warm waters“), recommended for diverse therapeutic means.

Mação maintains nowadays ancient traditions, as one can attest by its typical handicraft, specially in Pottery, tinsmith, wire, lacework and embroidery as well as wood pieces.

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