Maia is a developed town in the North of Portugal, located in the region of the Great Oporto, in a place inhabited by Men for many centuries, due to its fertile soils and good geographical conditions.

In fact, this region presents some pre-historical legacies; Maia is even directly linked to the formation of the Portuguese nationality, as it is thought that the very first Portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques, was raised in Maia, with the Mendes da Maia family, to whom the famous Gonçalo Mendes da Maia, named as the “lidador” was also connected to.

Maia is also famous for supplying many of the necessary materials for the production of canvas for the caravels which departed in the 15th century to discover the “new world”.

Nowadays Maia is a developed town, with a bustling urban area, offering many leisure areas, such as the famous Maia Zoo and other pleasant spaces like the Chantre Leisure Park or the Parks of Bom Despacho, Novo Rumo or even São Miguel.

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N 41º 13' 56.1'' , W 8º 37' 10.06''

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