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Moita is a village located on the south margin of the river Tagus estuary, situated in the Setúbal Peninsula, with a history linked to the river since early times.

The Moita’s history dates back to ancient times, and presents several vestiges of primary riverside settlements, nevertheless the locality has had its development mainly after the 13th century, with the implementation of agriculture, salt extraction, wood recollection, glass fabrication and cereal’s milling and mostly the naval construction during the late medieval and the renascence period.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Moita was mostly a rural and naval location. From the 1960’s on this characteristics changed more into an industrial and residential feature, changing the landscape forever. Moita adapted as a dormitory of bigger industrialised towns like Setúbal, Almada Barreiro and, of course, Lisboa.
This residential development still takes place nowadays, but with other territory organization concerns.

Moita is famous for its bullfight tradition, with a well know Bullring and the presence of this art is indispensable during the local festivities, like the Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem Fair (in September) or the Senhora do Rosário Fair (every August in the nearby locality of Rosário).

In Moita one can visit the Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem Church, from the beginning of the 17th century in a plain architecture style, and also the fluvial heritage with curious boats like the “Bote Pombinha” and the “Varino Boa Viagem” with traditional paintings and colourful ornaments, with 15 and 20 meters long.

Nearby, in Alhos Vedros is located the lovely Mother Church (17th century), the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Chapel (16th century) and the Watermill of Alhos Vedros from the 17th century and the “Poço Mourisco” from the 16th century.

The region’s gastronomy is rich and tasty, quite influenced by the Tagus river influence, with special dishes like triton’s salad, mushrooms with eggs and linguiça (a special sort of sausage), fish’s pasta with tomato sauce (“massada de peixe”) and, for desert, the traditional Moita‘s “farofias” (a beaten egg whites with sugar and egg cream).
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