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Right in the heart of the Algarve, the town of Monchique raises itself in 458 meters high, quite pretty and simple, proud to show off that the Algarve has much more to offer than just golden sandy beaches with a nice-warm sun…
The town of Monchique is situated in the Mountain Range with the same name, so famous by its medicinal waters, already popular by the Romans, with a rich vegetation, where safaris and lovely pedestrian walks uncover all its radiance.
Monchique has a special charm, with its traditional Algarve architecture where houses of pure white climb the winding streets, where narrow streets open constantly new perspectives about the verdant mountain range.
The Largo de São Sebastião is a mandatory visit! The white set of houses going down the hill like carved steps assembles to a nativity scene right in the city centre, surrounded by the beautiful mountain range.
Monchique is a place of history, that is quite patent in the traditional products of the region, such as diverse devices made of wood and leather, the art of wickerwork, cork, woollen wear, ham, honey and the aguardente de medronho (a kind of strong brandy made of red aggregate drupe, typical of the Algarve).
Monchique is a point of calm and spirituality with the perfect pure air for relaxing activities like pedestrian walks, observing the rich fauna and flora, and other alternative activities like yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, among many others.

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