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Mondim de Basto

Mondim de Basto is a lovely village from the North region of Portugal, situated in the border with two traditional northern regions, Minho and Trás-os-Montes, on the left Tâmega river bank, on the green slope of the Farinha Mount, with the gorgeous Senhora da Graça Sanctuary overlooking the village.

All the Mondim de Basto department is situated in a natural area of astonishing beauty, among hills and mountains, and idyllic landscapes that seem lost in time, like in the fabulous Alvão Natural Park.

The Mondim de Bastos’s origins are quite ancient, being occupied since remote times. In the Farinha Mount there are vestiges of three different Hill Forts, and the territory was then conquered by the Romans.
There are some interesting monuments in Mondim de Basto, like the Romanesque Mother Church, that has suffered many alterations during the centuries, or the Chapels of Senhor, Nossa Senhora da Piedade, Senhora da Ponte and the São Sebastião Chapel, as well as several “alminhas” (small religious monuments, like little altars with a divine or saint image, with an ancestral origin) throughout the region. Also quite interesting is the Medieval Vila de Viando Bridge, probably built over a previous roman construction.

Throughout the region there are several manor houses attesting the economical importance provided by the fertile soils of this area, like the gorgeous Casa do Eirô, from the 18th century or the Solar dos Azevedos, dating from the 17th century.

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