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The small town of Monforte is an agricultural municipality located in the top of a hill, by the left bank of the Ribeira Grande river.

This is a region of ancient human occupation, with archaeological vestiges regarding human occupation since the Neolithic period, as it is visible in the countless megalithic monuments in the region. The region had also a big Roman influence, still visible in the “Villae” of Torre de Palama (2nd to 4th century a.C.) and in other roman vestiges like roads, paths and bridges, like the one at the entrance of the town, known as “Ponte da Vila”.
From the Visigoth occupation period are still visible the foundations of an important Early Christian Basilica.
The Middle Age was a period of defence of the territory, and Christian conquests and re-conquests to the Moorish occupation and afterwards defence from the Spanish troops. During the Early Modern Age (16th to 18th centuries) the construction of new Churches and restoration of ancient ones mark the religious faith typical of the epoch, but also show the enrichment of various families that here built manor houses and small palaces, many of them still visible nowadays.

The most remarkable monument of Monforte it’s the Castle, nowadays in Ruins, but also other monuments are worth to be known, like the Nossa Senhora da Conceição (12th century), São João Baptista (18th century) and Madalena Churches, decorated with artistic glazed tiles, and also the lovely Calvário Church (18th to 20th century).

Handicraft is one of the most important features of Monforte, maintaining traditional techniques along with regional products, like cork, wood, stone, horn and leather.
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