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Mortágua is a peaceful village, located on the fertile region of Dão-Lafões, surrounded by greenish soils, filled with a charming rural ambiance.

This is a region of very ancient human presence, with several pre-historical hill forts (“castros”) vestiges and even rupestrian art, as in Lapa dos Mouros. Inclusively, in this region, there were once some Roman small villages and here crossed one of the most important roads of the Roman Empire, which linked to the western coastline of the Iberian Peninsula.

Mortágua has been able to maintain throughout the centuries its strong traditions, and a gracious rural ambiance, taking advantage of these fertile soils, producing fruit, vegetables, wine and pasturage for the cattle, and also pleasant wood areas.

Mortágua is proud of its heritage, with monuments such as the 16th century Mother Church, the Manueline Pillory also from the 16th century, the nearby São Salvador do Mundo Sanctuary (at about 1km distance from the village centre) and, of course, the many rural legacies that can be found throughout the region, such as wind and watermills, wooden “espigueiros” (rural small buildings used usually as granaries), among many years, used over the years to better take advantage of the nature power.

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