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Mourão is a lovely village situated in the vast Alentejo’s region, on the left bank of the wide Guadiana river, nearby the border with Spain, in a place of great natural beauty, where peace of mind is the rule.

Mourão has always been marked by the Guadiana river, that has much contributed for the surrounding fertile soils where olive and almond trees grow, among other pleasant trees that characterize the lovely landscape.

Mourão is proud of its monuments and traditions, like its Castle and the baroque Mother Church of Nossa Senhora das Candeias (17th and 18th centuries), and the many green areas around in the region, like the Mata de São Bento.

This typical village is famous for its regional products, like handicraft, with pieces in schist and wicker.
The many restaurants of the region attest the quality of the Alentejo’s Gastronomy, with local specialities like the “Caldeirada de Peixe” (a special kind of fish stew) or the “Açorda de Cação” (a school shark bread-based dish with garlic, herbs and olive oil), or the conventual pastry with specialities like “Encharcadas” (sweets, based in eggs, sugar and almond), or “bolo rançoso” (a cake based on eggs, sugar and fruits), as well as other traditional products like honey, bread, cheese and olives.

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