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Nordeste is a village in a region that is often referred to as the most beautiful of the amazing São Miguel Island, on the wonderful Azores Archipelago, situated on the northeast of the Island.

Filled with natural beauty and an exuberant vegetation, on the most geographically rough area of the Island, this region reflects the natural magnificence of the Island, as it is visible in the several viewpoints that are present throughout the coast, as in the Ponta do Sossego, in Ponta da Madrugada, in Tronqueira or the Farol do Arnel, among many other special sights.
Nordeste also presents a lovely architectonic heritage, with monuments such as the São Jorge Mother Church and the Nossa Senhora da Luz Church, or the Chapels of Nossa Senhora do Rosário (dated of 1529), Nossa Senhora da Mãe de Deus (16th century) or the São Sebastião Chapel nowadays in ruins, or even the emblematic Seven Arches Aqueduct, or the lovely 19th century Town Hall building.

The region is also famous for its lovely gardens and the flowered streets and roads.
Land of ancient agricultural, fishing and cattle breeding tradition, Nordeste embraces its heritage, keeping it alive as it is visible in the Ethnographic Museum or in the Casa de Trabalho that works as an Handicraft centre and workshop. In fact, the Handicraft in Nordeste always had an important role, with several embroidery, lacing and weave handmade pieces.
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