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Ourique is a lovely village situated in the vast Alentejo’s region, in fact located next to the transition zone between the Alentejo and the Algarve.

This rural village is characterized by its white small houses dispersed over three small hills.

The region presents several vestiges of human occupancy since pre-histrical times, and has been occupied by many civilizations and cultures, as one can observe in the Cola Hill Fort with Neolithic occupancy.

Ourique is well known for the Battle that was fought in this territory, on the 25th July 1139, when when D. Afonso Henriques commanding the Christian troops was proclaimed the First King of Portugal, after defeating five Moorish Kings, establishing the Portuguese Nationality.

Ourique is proud of its heritage, although many monuments have been lost and destroyed over the centuries, yet others can be seen, like what is left of the Castle that was probably built during Moorish occupancy, where nowadays a fantastic viewpoint shows off the fantastic panorama of the village and its environs, or the lovely Misericórdia Church dated from the 16th century, or its 17th century Hospital, and also the Santa Maria and São Salvador Churches or even the Archaeological Centre of the Cola’s Hill Fort.

It is worth to know the Nossa Senhora da Cola Sanctuary dated from the 17th century and one important pilgrimage points in the Alentejo since early times. Every year an important procession is held, attracting many visitors.

Nearby is situated the Monte da Rocha Dam, with idyllic landscapes and great conditions for the practice of the most diversified activities of leisure and tourism.

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