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Pedrógão Grande

Pedrógão Grande is a lovely village situated in the Central region of Portugal, overlooking the lovely Zêzere river, surrounded by a great natural beauty, divided between the schist arid landscapes of the inland and the fertile soils nearby the valleys of the Zêzere river.

This is a region occupied by Men since pre-historical times, with archaeological vestiges in Cabeço da Cotovia and in the Nossa Senhora dos Milagres Mount.
Quite destroyed with the battles and conflicts between Romans, Moors and Christians, the region was populated by the 1st Portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques, in 1176, who offered the territory to his bastard son.

Due to its central geographic situation, throughout the region some industries have developed, namely in the areas of wood industries, textiles civil construction.

The Pedrogão Grande village is characterized by its narrow winding streets and by the beauty of its 15th century buildings situated mainly in the interesting Rua Dourada (“Golden Street”) and the many typical schist and granite houses.

It is worth to know the lovely Mother Church, with origins in the 12th century yet restored in the 16th century, with its majestic Tower with 25 meters high; the granite Pillory; the granite Misericórdia Church dated from 1470; the 15th century Dominican Convent of Nossa Senhora da Luz; the Chapels of São Sebastião (18th century), São Dionísio, Nossa Senhora dos Milagres or the lovely Calvário Chapel where takes place during the Holly Week one of the greatest festivity of the region, putting in scene Jesus Christ Crucifixion.

Pedrógrão Grande also presents an interesting Museum Collection with the Pedro Cruz Museum, the Manuel Nunes Correia House-Museum and the Religious Art museum situated in the Misericórdia Church.

The lovely Cabril Dam is one of the highlights of Pedrogão Grande’s region, combining great conditions for the practice of several leisure, sport and tourism activities. Here is also situated the lovely medieval bridge.

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