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Penafiel is a lovely town in the North of Portugal, filled with wonderful landscapes and a rich heritage, all together with an ancestral tradition.
Once known as São Martinho de Moazeres and as Arrifana de Sousa, Penafiel is a very ancient town, comenda of the Order of Christ which lead to all the development during the medieval ages.
Even nowadays all the Penafiel region maintains its graciously rural ambiance, despite all the industrial development and progress that this region has been experiencing.

The traditional architecture made mostly with the region’s materials, granite and schist, has been wisely conserved in many places.

Penafiel is proud of its rich heritage, with important monuments such as the Renaissance Mother Church, the São Martinho Church, the Nossa Senhora da Piedade or Sameiro Sanctuary, the Misericórdia Church, the Ajuda Church, the Pillory, the Santa Luzia, Nossa Senhora da Guia, São Roque, São Cristóvão and Senhor dos Passos Chapels, among other highlights such as the Penafiel Municipal Museum installed in the beautiful Pereira do Lago Palace, dedicated to the history, archaeology and ethnography of the region.

All over the region can be found many Manor Houses and Palaces, as well as beautiful Estates, which demonstrate the economical power that Penafiel has achieved throughout the centuries, such as the Barão do Calvário Palace or the Casas da Aveleda.

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