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Situated in next to the border with Spain, in about 550 metres high, next to the Estrela Mountain Range, Penamacor is a peaceful and quiet small town.
Not much of its history is known up to the 12th century (due to the defence strategy), with exception to the Roman occupation period.
What is left of the Castle demonstrates the strategic defence importance of this lovely town, that also has beautiful churches, such as the Misericórdia (16th century), the São Pedro and the Matriz, a beautiful 16th century pillory, the old Town Hall building, in Manueline architecture style and the small dimensions Jew quarter.
With a beautiful natural landscape, in Penamacor is situated the headquarters of the Serra da Malcata Natural Reserve, with important species, like wolfs or otters, in a area of around 20 square kilometres.
Penamacor is surrounded with small rural villages, with houses made with stone, where calm and relaxation is guaranteed.
This is a region of well preserved traditions, with beautiful handicraft pieces of linen embroidery and quilts, and a vastly appreciated cuisine.
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