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Once known as Pena do Dono, Penedono is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal. Located on the hindmost of the Beira region, and one step away from the vineyard terraces of the Douro Wine region, the medieval village of Penedono dominates a landscape of strong and impressive contrasts.

Penedono Castle, built in the 11th century at almost one thousand meters high is a wonderful example of military architecture, singular for its triangle shape and famous, according to the legend, for being the birthplace to Álavaro Gonçalves Coutinho, immortalized in the famous Luís de Camões work “Os Lusíadas” for its brave and adventurous spirit.

The region is wonderful for its nature and heritage. The traditional houses, the monuments and the rich manor houses are mostly built in with the local granite. The cultivated fields divide their space with majestic chestnut trees, the pasture fields and the ancestral megalithic monuments such as Penedono Menhir, Lapinha Dolmen, Lameida de Cima Megalithic Necropolis, Nossa Senhora do Monte Chapel Dolmen, Pendão Dolmen, Telhal Dolmen or the Vale de Maria de Pais Archaeological Nucleus.

Penedono is proud of its heritage, with monuments such as the pillory in front of the Castle, and also ancient Churches and Chapels filled with sacred art, rich Manor Houses such as the Freixos Palace that nowadays houses the town hall.
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